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An Exciting Career: Working for Tri-Ocean Energy means that you will be part of providing an essential service to the world's economy: energy. An integral part of the world's economy, the energy industry is fast-paced and requires quick, adaptive thinking to respond to the challenges of an ever-changing business environment.

Additionally, we at Tri-Ocean Energy are a new and growing company, constantly breaking new ground with projects and forming the foundations for our future. Working for a corporation in this phase of its development means that you will be on the cutting edge and will play an essential role in the development of our business.

Finally, Tri-Ocean Energy's goal is to create a vertically-integrated energy company, allowing for a diverse range of work experience, from upstream to downstream, to exploring the development of renewable energies.

A Challenging Work Environment: Working for Tri-Ocean Energy is truly an international experience. With partners and business connections in countries all over the world, our employees are given the opportunity to interact in a global atmosphere.

A Company that Cares: As a central part of our corporate strategy, we at Tri-Ocean Energy put our people first. Through training programs, performance evaluation, and a range of opportunities for advancement, we provide the environment for a secure and prosperous future.

The energy industry is one of the most challenging in the modern world. Old norms are changing, and new ideas must be formed and executed if we are to secure a sustainable future. We at Tri-Ocean Energy are looking for those who will rise to that challenge.

Desired Skills:
1. Desire – You are not only interested in the position, but are passionate about making a difference and ready to take on the challenge.

2. Achievement – You are ready to have a direct impact on the development of our organization, to share in our successes and help lead Tri-Ocean Energy to a better and brighter tomorrow.

3. Adaptability – You can shift to accommodate the changing atmosphere of our business. Dealing with a diverse group of collegues. As well as coordinating with our many partners around the globe is part of your everyday tasks.

4. Culture – You believe in the three core values of Tri-Ocean Energy: team power, delivery, and social pride. You take pride in these three values, and are willing to go the distance to ensure that all of your actions both in Tri-Ocean Energy and in your daily life reflects these values.

No positions are available at this time. Please check back later for new openings.