Corporate Strategy

Our strategy is clear: Achieving shareholder value by building the Middle East and Africa’s premier vertically-integrated (private sector) energy company.
Building on Vertical Integration
By controlling all aspects of the value chain from exploration and production, trading  through to refining, we believe that we can offer our stakeholders a sustained higher return on investment and our partners a standard of value and quality that sets us apart from our competitors.


Leveraging Local Knowledge on the Strength of our Partners
Success in our business can not be achieved alone. To succeed in our vision in each of our business lines, an integral aspect of our strategy is to enter into partnerships with the best in their respective fields to leverage our local knowledge on their existing strength. We believe in being an active partner. We take the initiative to research, seek the best technology, and use our expertise to present better, more efficient options for our partnerships, ultimately leading to an increased and added value.  


Creating a Balanced Portfolio
To spread our risk, we are constructing a balanced portfolio, through diversifying our business and investing in different countries within our region. This strategy allows us to implement what we have learned across our business lines.